Livvy Dunne dances in skintight spandex

Livvy Dunne was in a celebratory mood as she shared her love for Louisiana State University’s Tigers.

The stunning blonde is part of the university’s gymnastics squad and often promotes her team spirit with her fans and followers online.

Her most recent share is no exception, as she danced alongside a couple of her teammates.

Many of Livvy’s social media shares feature the 20-year-old in her LSU leotards as she preps for practice and various competitions.

Unfortunately, this season hasn’t been what Livvy expected as she continues to be sidelined by a lower leg injury.

Thankfully, that hasn’t stopped her from enjoying her season, and it seems she is more proud than ever of being an LSU Tiger.

Livvy Dunne dances with LSU gymnastics teammate to celebrate being a ‘Tiger’

Over on her TikTok, Livvy shared a fun video that featured the spunky student athlete dancing beside two of her cohorts while the audio “Get the Gat — Lil Elt” played over the visuals.

The video started with Livvy standing close to the camera as it started recording. She then took a few steps back to join one of her teammates as they bopped along to the song.

Their moves included swaying their hips from side to side while making various hand motions toward the camera.

Although two of Livvy’s teammates were visible in the video, one friend opted to stay more in the background and switch up the dance moves.

The trio donned matching LSU-approved leotards. The long-sleeve numbers featured panels of purple, gold, and dark blue throughout the upper portion of the bodice. The bottom half of the garments were solid black, while jewels were scattered throughout the top part, including the sleeves.

Livvy wore dramatic makeup for the video share, going bold with a complete glam look, including bright blush and bold eyeliner.

Her hair was pulled away from her face in two space buns, with one placed on either side of her head. The hairstyle was finished with two braids leading back to the crown of Livvy’s head while face-framing whisps were pulled out around her temples.

“a great day to be a tiger,” Livvy captioned the exciting post.

Livvy promotes Forever 21’s Barbie line

Livvy’s bubbly personality and willingness to go with the flow make her nearly irresistible.

Her incredible reach further proves this on social media, where she boasts 3.3 million followers on Instagram and a whopping 7.1 million followers on TikTok.

With such a large following, it’s no wonder brands are jumping to work with her.

Such was the case back in 2022 when Livvy partnered with Forever 21 to help the trendy fast fashion brand promote its Barbie line.

In the photos posted to Livvy’s Instagram, she sported classic Barbie-inspired looks, including a pastel yellow pleated skirt paired with a white tank top with the famous Barbie logo printed across the chest.

Livvy’s bright blonde locks were flipping from side to side for the first shot as she also wore bright pink headphones over her ears.

The second shot of the post featured Livvy in a completely different outfit. Livvy wore a pale yellow tank top and short matching set for the final look while she stretched out on a yoga mat.

She completed the look with bright blue sweatbands around her wrists.

“#ad Barbie for the day with @forever21 ,” she captioned the post.

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